What is Devo Max?

Devo Max is another name for full fiscal autonomy. It has been proposed for Scotland in the wake of the independence referendum on 18th September 2014. Under Devo Max, the Scottish Parliament would receive all of the taxation raised in the country and could decide how to spend it.

How is Devo Max different from the current arrangement?

Currently the Scottish Parliament receives a grant from the Westminster government to cover its costs, which is calculated based on a complex formula called the Barnett formula.

What about shared costs?

Under Devo Max the Scottish Parliament would have to make payments to the Westminster Government to cover its share of the costs for things like defence and foreign embassies.

What about Wales, Northern Ireland and England?

If Scotland gains Devo Max, it is likely that similar arrangements would need to be made for the other countries and regions of the United Kingdom.

A petition has been launched to give Scotland full fiscal autonomy (devo max). If you agree that this is a good idea you can sign the petition.

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